Bảo vệ môi trường

For years, VAUDE has been actively involved in environmental protection and sustainable development, working quietly but diligently behind the scenes. Why? It runs in our blood: many VAUDE-ers are avid outdoor men and women. Voluntarily investing their professional energy in a continual optimization of processes and resources comes naturally to them. Because the development of one’s own ideals is actively supported at VAUDE, superior products emerge with ever smaller ecological footprints.

We recognize our role as an environmental trendsetter in the outdoor branch and are enthusiastic about filling it. This achievement is especially remarkable as VAUDE is operating as one of the few remaining true mid-sized family businesses in the branch, in a competitive environment dominated by financially strong capital investors.

Environmental protection has a strong foothold in the company’s founding principles and is a significant component in the company’s values, its vision, as well as in our tangible environmental policy.