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Green Shape is VAUDE’s quality label for products that feature special ecological manufacturing. The criteria for this label are very strict: only products that are made of at least 90% organic cotton or recycled materials, colored using the eco-friendly VAUDE ecolour dyeing process or made to conform to the world’s most stringent textile standard bluesign® earn the Green Shape quality label.

VAUDE has the strictest criteria for Eco Products in the entire outdoor branch.

The VAUDE Green Shape Pyramid is the tool we use to evaluate our Eco Products.. The VAUDE Sustainability Team regularly evaluates products in each collection based on the latest industry standards and decides which materials and technologies will be used to define Green Shape criteria. regarding which materials and technologies. Scientific „best practice“ findings created the bases for these decisions along with the company’s own research and advice from endependent, external experts.

For products that are more sustainabile than usual, but don’t yet meet the strict Green Shape criteria, VAUDE has an intermediate category – „On the way“. This category includes products and materials from suppliers who use their own eco label, such as Cocona, for example. [Link auf on-the-way-subsite].

Naturally, the products in this category aren’t counted in our Green Shape percentages.

The entire VAUDE Collection Summer 11 (all product groups) has already achieved 16 % Green Shape Products – in the Apparel Section alone it stands at 30 %. In the other product groups (backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, shoes, accessories) developing sustainable products is even more of a challenge than it is for apparel. Therefore, VAUDE is especially proud of its enormous growth in this area: in the Winter 11/12 Collection the Green Shape percentage is already at 30%, for apparel it is at over 40%.